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Comment: Light shower on Loch Mhoicean
IMG_0752 * The hills south of Torridon


IMG_0754 * Contouring round Aonach Buidhe on the way to control 6

IMG_0755 * Loch na Leitreach - the mid camp is just about visible at this end, with enough imagination

IMG_0756 * Near control 7. The route to the next control took us over the wide col above the loch behind.

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IMG_0758 - Jun 06, 2009 - 03:34 PM
IMG_0759 * Unnecessary river crossing due to map-reading error. We crossed back again shortly afterwards, using a bridge.

IMG_0760 * Almost at control 9


IMG_0764 * Looking from control 9 towards the finish by the loch

IMG_0765 * The midcamp

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